About Us

Element 37 provides Media and Creative Services

What Element 37 Can Do

E37 offers media and creative services including logo design, brochures, website development, graphic design, copy writing, project management, creative direction and video production. You can use one service or bring them all together.

How E37 Thinks

Great ideas need effective creative execution. They must stay within budget, meet deadlines and be technically correct under the hood. Customer service and professionalism are very important.

How E37 Works

E37 can work by the project, the component, hour or on retainer. There is never a charge for an initial meeting and proposal. We’d love to discuss your challenges and give you a project estimate.  We offer package rates for easy budget planning. Contact us to set up an appointment.

How E37 Works With Agencies

With agencies, E37 works by the hour, project or on retainer. Sometimes an exclusive retainer relationship is formed with an agency or company within a DMA. E37 can fill missing positions or provide senior leadership to inexperienced teams. E37 can also assemble a completely separate creative team that is an extension of your agency for overflow or specialized projects. With E37 a small agency gets far more experience than they could normally afford in full time staff. E37 is strictly on the creative side and does not offer media buying services and has a non-compete contract with the agencies we work for.

Why It’s Elemental

The definition of an element or something elemental describes E37 well. We bring together the basic components for creating something new. On the chemistry periodic table the element #37 is Rubidium. It is highly reactive and used in fireworks and plasma video screens. All of these characteristics inspired the name for the company since they fit perfectly with the vision. We can bring everything together to create your vision as well. If you don’t have a vision yet, we can help with that too. In a time when outsourcing is becoming more popular due to economic considerations, E37 fills a niche providing experienced and professional creative work at affordable rates tailored for each project and budget.

elemental |ˌeləˈmentl|
adjective • primary or basic : elemental features from which all other structures are compounded.
element |ˈeləmənt|
noun• a part or aspect of something abstract, esp. one that is essential or characteristic •
[usu. with adj. ] (often elements) a group of people of a particular kind within a larger group or organization

The Mission of E37 is to Provide Smart, Effective, Creative Work.